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Esco Alley Art



My painting represents something that I try to teach my daughter everyday which is to
“Be like a Flamingo, Be Balanced, Wade into Life, Stand Tall and ALWAYS STANDOUT.” On every situation she encounters through out life.

On a personal level painting this piece reminded me that no matter the situation wether is good or bad we have a choice to make the best out of it while adding a touch of color (life) to a piece that’s going to stand tall and will Always StandOut!

I hope when people look at this painting, they are reminded that color possesses a language without words and you as an individual can also be like the flamingo standing tall with full of life.



The painting centers around my daughter, an emblem of life and connection. She stands beside a wise and watchful owl, symbolizing the guidance you seek on your path to healing.

To the left, a radiant depiction of energy spirals outward, representing your connection to the spiritual realm. It’s as if your spirit is venturing into the cosmos, exploring the vastness of the metaphysical.

On the right side of the canvas, a majestic Tree of Life stands tall, its roots deeply embedded in the earth, symbolizing your grounding in the physical realm. It’s a reminder of the harmony between the spiritual and earthly aspects of your journey.

This artwork encapsulates the essence of spiritual healing voyage, where my daughter, the owl, and the symbolic elements coalesce to guide you towards balance and wisdom.

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